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Camouflage RC Car Paint Job - Camo Paint Mask

Camo RC Car Paint Job - Arrma Talion

Check out this super rad paint job using our Camo Paint Mask. A classic has never been so easy.

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Star Wars Themed RC Car Body - Picture Glue

xxx main Picture Glue - Star Wars RC Car BodyStar Wars! xxx main Picture Glue! Themed RC Car Body! "Lance Skytalker, I... am your dad."

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How To Use Vinyl RC Car Paint Masks

How to Paint RC Car Bodies with xxx main Paint MasksYou think you're too cool to paint xxx main Tribal Flames Paint Mask?? Maybe, you're pretty cool.
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Frosted RC Buggy Wings

Frosted RC buggy wing headerSome love it, some hate it, but we’ve all seen it; that frosted look on polycarbonate wings sported by many of the pro drivers. This is one of the hobby’s best-kept secrets!
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Repair an RC Car Body

Repair an RC Car Body... but it was especially bad when I got it back— new rips, crushed nose, cracks, missing paint, and fresh scuffs. No big deal, just paint a new body, right???
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Paint With Stickers

Paint and RC Car Body with StickersEveryone loves stickers; especially within this hobby. Stickers look good on toolboxes, radios, starters, wings, rims, shirts, bumpers, and sometimes even rc bodies!
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