Camouflage RC Car Paint Job - Camo Paint Mask

 xxx main Camo Paint Mask

The camouflage paint scheme is a timeless classic; simple, tons of layout options, and countless color combinations. But, it's a tedious task to cut out each of the little pieces by hand, so we did it for you! Our Camo Paint Mask is easy to use and offers amazing results. We laid out the pieces as various sized clusters you can strategically place within your Lexan body to fit all shapes and styles.

Weeded xxx main Camo Paint Mask

Using scissors or a hobby knife, trim out each section of the Camo clusters making it easier to weed away the excess material. You'll want each of the clusters as individual pieces so you can install one at a time using the supplied half-sheet of clear reusable Transfer Tape. Our 8x11 inch Camo sheet includes 4 large clusters, 12 medium, and a bunch of smaller bits that are great for filler. We've found it easiest to install largest clusters first to fill open areas of your body, then medium, and finally the small bits to fill spaces for a seamless flow. 

Camo Paint Mask installed in an Arrma Talion RC Car Body

You're ready for paint! Rub your clean finger along the mask edges to ensure they're firmly adhered. Your first coat of paint should be ultra thin, so you can barely see paint. This will prevent paint from pooling and bleeding under the masks and also helps “glue” the mask edges down before the next coats. Remember, three or four light coats is always better than two heavy ones. A hair dryer on low setting helps dry the paint quicker if you're as impatient as us.

Ultra thing coats of paint to prevent bleeding around the Paint Masks

Once your first color is applied and fully dry, it's time to remove your first sections of Paint Mask. We're doing a two-tone fluorescent green and white Camo, so we gently removed the masks for the green bits by pulling along the cutline to reveal a razor sharp edge. Just like the black first color, hit the green paint in three or four light coats to get bleed-free full coverage.

Remove Paint Masks by gently pulling along the cutline

Once the green hit has fully cured you can remove the final masks readying for the white paint to fill the last camo color and back the fluorescent green. A hobby knife helps to get the Paint Mask started for removal. Go slow and gentle as to not tear the paint. All our masks are cut on high quality vinyl with temporary adhesive for easy removal and ultra crisp paint lines.

Remove the final Paint Masks for the last white hit of paint

Spray your final white paint as the other colors; thin and light with multiple coats using a hair dryer in between to speed the process. Thin paint is flexible paint.

Spray white polycarbonate paint

You're done! Super easy and looks rad, or Rizz, as Tim and Anna say. Remove window masks, peel the protective film, mount it up, and stare at it... you're an artist.

'xxx main Racing' Camo Paint Masking Kit (Part #M071L)

 xxx main Camo Paint Mask RC Car Paint Job


The "Always Rules" For Painting RC Car Bodies

  • Wash and dry your body before painting
  • Only use paint made for Polycarbonate/Lexan
  • 3 or 4 ultra thin coats of paint rather than 2 thick ones
  • Ensure paint is fully dry before next step; hair dryer helps
  • Remove Paint Masks by gently pulling along the cut line