Star Wars Themed RC Car Body - Picture Glue

xxx main Picture Glue Star Wars RC Car Paint Job

A long time ago... blah blah blah, Star Wars! We love Star Wars so we slapped together a themed body using xxx main Picture Glue and a comic book. Break out your paint, glue, comic book images, and a can of creativity; it's Force time. Scroll to the bottom for a video version. 

Star Wars body using xxx main Picture Glue

PREP – A quick wash with dish detergent and warm water followed by a thorough  rinse, then dry off with a lint free towel. Next, install window masks by lining them up to the molded lines in your body, rubbing the edges down firmly with your finger to help prevent paint bleed.

Plan your xxx main Picture Glue RC Car Body

PLAN - When it comes to planning the layout, it's best to choose images so you can test fit. Picture Glue works with magazine, comic book, or your own printed images (thin paper for added flexibility). Trim using scissors or a sharp hobby knife. Once you know your graphic placement, you can plan your paint scheme, color choice, and sticker layout. A marker on the outside of the protective body film can help keep track of your ideas. 

xxx main Racing Picture Glue
STICKY TIME - Using a bristle brush or a sponge, apply an even coating of Picture Glue over the image face. Place image into your body in the desired location (some movement is allowed), then gently squeegee out excess glue being careful not to tear the somewhat delicate paper. Our glue does dry clear and flexible so don't worry too much about residue left on the body. Dry time is less than an hour but it's wise to let it fully cure overnight before moving on to the painting stage. 
xxx main Star Wars Picture Glue Theme RC Car Body
PAINT - We used Tamiya PS rattle cans to make this project more accessible. The most important, most bestest painting tip of all time when painting RC Car bodies is to apply very light coats of paint - always and forever - no exceptions. Light coats will prevent paint from pooling around your mask edges and “glue” your mask edges down to further prevent paint bleed and offer ultra crisp lines. Three or four thin coats is always better than two thick ones.
xxx main Paint Star Wars RC Car Body
STICKERS - Remove your protective film and your body is ready for some stickers. No cleaning necessary, just peel and apply being careful with alignment and not to trap air bubbles.
xxx main Star Wars Body Final Touches
FINAL TOUCHES – Time to trim and mount your creation. The manufacturer may have molded dimples to be drilled for mounting, or you should have marked off any holes before you painted (that would have been a useful tip earlier). Some people like to trim their bodies before painting, which is fine, just pretend this section was at the beginning. Trimming is usually a simple following of the molded lines with curved Lexan scissors. If you want to get really fancy-pants, use a moto-tool to round inside radius's, and sandpaper to smooth the edges, but be careful not to scratch any delicate paint in the process.
xxx main Star Wars RC Car Body Storm Troopers
xxx main Racing Picture Glue Star Wars RC Car Theme Body 

We painted a Star Wars themed Pro-Line body using 'xxx main Picture Glue' and a comic book.

Filmed and edited by~ Jeff Eveleigh
Chassis~ Team Associated B44.3
Body~ Pro-Line Racing Phantom
Glue~ xxx main Picture Glue Part # Z001
Paint Mask~ Blades Part # M047L

Directions - Shake well before use. Cut out an image from a magazine or other printed matter. Use a Scouring Pad to slightly rough the Lexan surface where the image will be glued. Apply glue evenly to the picture face using a sponge or fine bristle brush. Place picture on the inside of the body and position as needed. Gently pat out any air bubbles or creases but do not squeegee the image firmly or the delicate material may tear; be very gentle. It is ok to leave some glue and air bubbles under the picture as it will dry clear. Use a damp towel to remove excess glue from around the image. Apply an optional thin coat of glue on the back of the image to seal it. Allow to fully cure for 12 hours before spraying polycarbonate paint.