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xxx main Racing igloo

We are a small team out of Canada that started producing extreme RC car videos in 1998. Our first release was "xxx main THE VIDEO" - on VHS - which was a 40 minute long edit of RC racing, bashing, fire, water, and carnage. We soon expanded into the graphics end of polycarbonate body detailing with the release of our Paint Masking Kits (which uniquely included Transfer Tape allowing for more intricate designs), followed by Stickers, Internal Graphics, and our famous Picture Glue. Fast forward over two decades and xxx main Racing continues to be an industry leader in radio control car body detailing.

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If you have any questions, comments, free money, pictures of your ex-girlfriend, or any other reason to speak with us, feel free to drop us a line. We may not answer quickly, or at all for that matter, but we'll try our best to read it and forward it to our pet chicken in accounting. Always remember to check your spam filters as our name does contain three magic letters.


If you're over 112 years old and don't know how to use a computer you can write us a good'ol fashion letter, and we'll all sit in a circle making fun of your handwriting.

xxx main Racing Inc.
PO Box 42198, Rpo Maple Woods
Mississauga ON L5M 4Z4
Ph: 905_816_1551

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