How To Use Vinyl RC Car Paint Masks

xxx main Tribal Flames Paint Mask

Here's how we painted our Pro-Line Ford body using our most popular Paint Masking Kit, Tribal Flames Paint Mask. It fits on most RC Car bodies and has a fat outline for a custom 3-color paint job that's quick and easy to do yourself.

Wash your RC Car Body before painting

Before any painting project always wash your body thoroughly - inside and out - using warm water and dish soap, fully rinsing, then drying with a lint free towel. Keep your oily digits clean as you go along, too. 

xxx main RC Car Paint Masks

Remove (weed) all the unusable portions of the Paint Mask. A hobby knife can help get them started. We find it easier to cut each of the major masks apart so you're working with smaller sections. Apply the provided clear Transfer Tape onto a section of mask, then use a plastic card to firmly rub the Transfer Tape onto the vinyl.
Install xxx main Paint Mask
Carefully peel the vinyl mask and Transfer Tape from the backing to install within your body. Ensure the masks are pressed well into all of the body contours by rubbing them firmly with your clean finger. Gently peel away the Transfer Tape leaving the paint mask only adhered to your body. Hang on to the Transfer Tape as it's reusable 4 or 5 times. Slap it back on the original backing for storage.

Only use paint made for Polycarbonate RC Car bodies

Only use paint designed for Polycarbonate (Lexan) bodies. We use a lot of rattle cans and like to warm them in water before use. A lot of can shaking also helps for high-quality spray.
RC Car Paint Masks
Apply masking tape to extend the paint design into neutral areas of your body such as wheel wells, windows, or below the body cut lines. Before you spray, ensure all mask edges are firmly pressed down to avoid “paint bleed”. Apply paint in extremely light coats, especially the first coat to help seal the mask edges and prevent paint from pooling. Try to spray from dark colors to light, but if this is not possible be sure to “back” the light colors with silver paint before applying the darker one. Allow sufficient time for the paint to dry, a hairdryer helps speed the process. Always remove vinyl masks by pulling along the cut line, ensuring a clean edge. Once masks are removed, you are ready for the next color. 
xxx main Racing Tribal Flames Paint Mask
Give the paint a good overnight sleep to fully cure; then it's time to trim along the molded lines, remove the protective film, apply headlight and grill decals, and you're finished!
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The "Always Rules" For Painting RC Car Bodies

  • Wash and dry your body before painting
  • Only use paint made for Polycarbonate/Lexan
  • 3 or 4 ultra thin coats of paint rather than 2 thick ones
  • Ensure paint is fully dry before next step; hair dryer helps
  • Remove Paint Masks by gently pulling along the cut line

How To Use Vinyl Paint Masks - YouTube Video

Painting with xxx main Paint Masks couldn't be easier. We hacked out a sick looking Tribal Flames paint job on a Pro-line Monster Truck body. Always be sure to use paint made for polycarbonate (Lexan) bodies.

Tribal Flames Paint Mask - Part # M055L