Frosted RC Buggy Wings

xxx main Racing Frosted RC Buggy Wing
Some love it, some hate it, but we’ve all seen it; that frosted look on polycarbonate wings sported by many of the pro drivers. This is one of the hobby’s best-kept secrets! Back in the 1990s, many racers painted their wings to match their paint scheme but as tracks became more technical, wing damage was more prevalent and resulted in increased prep time to paint up multiple wings. Of course, there was always the option to run a clear wing, but it just didn’t look right, often appearing as though no wing was mounted at all. Enter Brian Kinwald with a simple solution to this aesthetic aero problem. Brian made scuffing popular by sanding a matte look onto his wings, allowing him to prepare them easily at the track without paint yet still offering increased visibility.
Frosted RC Car Buggy Wing - xxx main Racing
Acquiring this look is actually very simple. Once your wing is completely trimmed and ready for mounting, use a small piece cut from a Scotch-Brite® pad to gently sand a clear wing until it has the frosted look. Sand all sides including the top and bottom of the wing as well as both the inside and outside of the side-dams. That’s it; you’re done and are ready to rock a scuffed wing just like the “fast guys!”