How To Use Picture Glue

Directions - Shake well before use. Cut out an image from a magazine or other printed matter. Use very fine sand paper to slightly rough the Lexan surface where the image will be glued. Apply the glue with a fine bristle brush evenly on the face of the picture. Place the picture on the inside of the Lexan body and position it as needed. Gently pat out any air bubbles or creases from the picture. Do not squeegee the image firmly or the printed picture may tear. Be very gentle. It is ok to leave some glue and air bubbles under the picture as the glue will dry clear. Use a damp towel to remove excess glue from around the picture. Apply a final thin coat of glue on the back of the image to seal it. Allow the glue to fully cure for 12 hours. Once the glue is cured you may apply polycarbonate paint over the picture.