How To Use Internal Graphics

xxx main Internal Graphic kits are full color reverse decals that are applied to the inside of your polycarbonate (Lexan) body before it is painted.

1. Wash the inside of your Lexan body with dish detergent and water, rinse thoroughly, then completely dry it using a lint-free towel or rag.

2. While planning your body try to use the graphics to extend paint lines into neutral areas such as wheel wells, windows, or below body cut lines. This technique makes painting a multi-color body much easier.

3. Take your time when applying die-cut Internal Graphics. Peel away the backing and apply the graphic within your body being careful not to trap any air bubbles. Low-heat from a hair dryer helps to soften the vinyl allowing you to follow most complex contours within your body. The ‘WET’ method of decal application with the use of glass-cleaner is Not recommended when applying xxx main Die Cut Internal Graphics.

4. Mask off areas you don’t want painted using painters masking tape. Once all of your Internal Graphics, Window Masks, and tape are installed you are ready to paint


5. Paint a few light coats rather than one heavy one. Spray your first color then remove the tape.

6. Hit your final color, apply some decals, trim it out, and you just finished a sick looking body!

How To Use Internal Graphics - YouTube Video

Watch us paint up a quick two-color RC Buggy Body with xxx main Internal Graphics. Always be sure to use paint made for polycarbonate (Lexan) bodies.

Chaos Internal Graphic - Part # R013